Product Description and Features: ​

The Irrigation Automtion and Fertigation Controller is a micro-controller based  electronic device. It controls irrigation valves, motor starters, fertigation systems, water filter flush system. It manages multiple water sources, open well, bore well or pond, monitors water levels. It connects to farmer through GSM network and farmer can operate by using mobile phone. 

Once configured, farmer need not worry about the irrigation until there is any change in irrigation requirements. Farmer need not be at the farm to configure the controller and manage the irrigation. Farmer can manage irrigation from any place. Following are the features described in detail. 

1.   Irrigation solenoid valve Control : The controller can turn on/off  the valve based on the irrigation need of that area/zone. 

2.  Motor Starter Control : The controller will check the electricity availability, under/over voltage, voltage imbalance, phase loss and water availability and powers on the pump.

3. Fertigation Control : Fertigation feed can be controlled by fertigation pump or venturi. 

4.     Water level : The  controller has water level sensor interface (open well and pond only) and switches off the pump when there is no water in the well/pond. Again it turns on after pre-determined water level collection. 

5.     Fertigation level control : When the fertigation is on, the fertigation level in the fertigation tank is monitored and the fertigation pump/ventury is shut off if the tank goes empty before the fertigation time is over. 

6.     Water filter flush control : It is very important to keep the water filter clean. If clogged, the water delivery is reduced, there is extra load on motor and sometimes motor will burn due to excessive clogging. The controller manages flush system fitted with solenoid valve. 

7.     User Interface : Farmer can configure/change the device configuration at anytime from anywhere using mobile phone. Farmer can use SMS or mobile app. This is a big advantage over existing controllers which needs the customer to be at site to change configuration. This saves travel, time and odd hour farm visits (farmer can change irrigation cycles etc without visiting the farm). 

Summary : Avanijal Automatic Irrigation controllers Saves Water, Labour, Fertilizer, Electricity, Ground water pollution. Reduces farmer’s hardship and odd hour farm visits at the same time helps in producing best crop yield. Available at low cost and it is easy to use through any mobile phone.